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Hackney City Academy

Hackney City Academy.

Internal cleaning of 350 walkway balustrades and 50+ high-level light ports and high-level windows which are otherwise out of reach for the academy’s permanent cleaning staff. All the buildings external glass and windows (the highest of which is 48′ from ground-level) in addition to the building louvres that have an acoustic noise reducing function (of which there are over 200, each measuring 12′ x 5′, both sides to be cleaned). This project was undertaken for the academies facilities management company with a view to securing it as a long-term contract.

City Academy - Hackney
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1156-02This aerial view of the school shows it scale and location within central London.1156-06If you are considering reviewing your school or academy cleaning or would just like to discuss any queries please do not hesitate to contact us, as detailed below.

Telephone: 01256 782060 – Mobile: 07944 431670

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Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG23 7HR.
OFFICE: 01256 782060
MOBILE: 07944 431670



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Office: ‌01256 782060 – Free: ‌0800 6696395 – Mob: ‌07944 431670

Office: ‌01256 782060 – Free: ‌0800 6696395 – Mob: ‌07944 431670

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